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South America

South America

Root Capital clients grow rural prosperity by creating sustainable livelihoods. In South America, Root Capital has clients in a variety of areas, including fresh fruits and vegetables, handcrafts, coffee, and cocoa. Growth areas include the production of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as quinoa and other native Andean grains.


  • A longtime Root Capital client, C.A.C. Chirinos coffee cooperative provides top-notch services to its members in the Cajamarca region of Peru and premium coffee to specialty buyers in the United States and Europe. Confronted with challenges like climate change and market volatility, C.A.C. Chirinos has taken many proactive measures to ensure the continued resilience, productivity and profitability of its 600 members.

  • Pangoa is a Fair Trade and organic-certified coffee cooperative located in San Martín de Pangoa, Peru. Pangoa's 207 active members are small-scale farmers who cultivate shade-grown coffee, cocoa, and honey. A Root Capital client since 2006, Pangoa is well known for its innovative community programs and initiatives. The cooperative uses revenue from Fair Trade coffee sales to sponsor projects in reforestation, health, and education.

  • Raymisa is a Peruvian producer and exporter of sustainable textiles, furniture, and home décor products. A Root Capital client since 2007, Raymisa provides traditional artisans with markets for their goods, increasing incomes for hundreds of artisans and their families. This helps to stabilize rural communities and to ensure that Peruvian crafts will be kept alive by a new generation of artisans.

  • SumakLife, a Root Capital client since 2010, is an Ecuadoran cooperative that grows and processes organic quinoa. The cooperative provides technical assistance to members and purchases quinoa from 1,700 indigenous farmers, more than 60 percent of whom are women. By enabling rural women to earn fair trade and organic premiums for their crops, SumakLife helps them lead more prosperous, secure, and dignified lives.

  • Chirinos, a Root Capital client since 2004, is a coffee cooperative in northern Peru. A registered Fair Trade organization, Chirinos warehouses, processes, and markets certified-organic coffee to the U.S. and Europe. Until 1999, the cooperative sold its coffee to local buyers. Now, because of Fair Trade and organic market access, and access to capital, it exports to specialty coffee companies.

  • Organic Blooming is an Ecuadorian company that produces and exports organic calla lilies. Founded in 2003, the business owns a farm with approximately 200,000 plants. The farm has achieved organic certification, and the company is committed to environmentally sound agricultural practices, to the furthering of biodiversity in the area, and to a socially responsible attitude regarding its employees.