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Root Capital lends to clients who support social and environmental sustainability  through the production of shea butter, handcrafts, and spices. Root Capital is also lending to an increasing number of clients who produce food crops intended for local consumption, such staples as corn, rice, and finger millet. By supporting small-scale producers, Root Capital is creating sustainable livelihoods for thousands of rural producers and growing rural prosperity.


  • The Village Nut Company is a macadamia nut processor located in Kenya's Nyeri County. A woman-led and gender-inclusive family business, Village Nut generates stable incomes for its nearly 100 employees and the 6,000 farmers from whom it sources macadamia nuts. Additionally, Village Nut's leaders are taking active steps to invest in the young people in their community by intentionally creating attractive career paths for young people in agriculture. 

  • One hundred miles northwest of Accra, Ghana, sits Asuom, a village of surprising and beautiful contrasts and contradictions.

  • Produits du Sud is a Malian company that works with rural farmers to harvest and sell valuable resins from indigenous Gum Arabic and Gum Karaya trees. The business has been extremely successful and European demand for the products is high. Resin harvesting also offers the benefits of reforestation and the diminished removal of trees.

  • Copiasuro is an association of fair trade honey producers located in the highlands of Guatemala. One of the first participants in Root Capital’s financial training program, Copiasuro has enjoyed a growth in volume, sales and community impact in recent years. Today, the cooperative boasts a membership of 175 beekeepers who manage, on average, more than 75 beehives each.

  • Raymisa is a Peruvian producer and exporter of sustainable textiles, furniture, and home décor products. A Root Capital client since 2007, Raymisa provides traditional artisans with markets for their goods, increasing incomes for hundreds of artisans and their families. This helps to stabilize rural communities and to ensure that Peruvian crafts will be kept alive by a new generation of artisans.

  • SumakLife, a Root Capital client since 2010, is an Ecuadoran cooperative that grows and processes organic quinoa. The cooperative provides technical assistance to members and purchases quinoa from 1,700 indigenous farmers, more than 60 percent of whom are women. By enabling rural women to earn fair trade and organic premiums for their crops, SumakLife helps them lead more prosperous, secure, and dignified lives.

  • Founded in 2009 by South African cotton entrepreneur Bruce Robertson, the Gulu Agricultural Development Company (GADC) is stimulating cotton growth in Uganda's impoverished Gulu district and creating economic opportunities for more than 40,000 smallholder farmers. GADC has received more than $3.5 million in financing over the past two years.  Lending to GADC positively impacts the company's organic cotton output and helps civil war refugees in the region improve their livelihoods.

  • Founded in 2006, Savannah Fruits Company is a private enterprise that exports shea butterwith the goal of creating more direct commercial links between shea butter producers and the global cosmetic ingredient markets. With financing from Root Capital, Savannah Fruits is helping to ensure that Ghanaian women shea producers receive training in quality control and consistent access to premium prices in global markets.

  • Organic Blooming is an Ecuadorian company that produces and exports organic calla lilies. Founded in 2003, the business owns a farm with approximately 200,000 plants. The farm has achieved organic certification, and the company is committed to environmentally sound agricultural practices, to the furthering of biodiversity in the area, and to a socially responsible attitude regarding its employees.