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Root Capital & Pangoa: Promoting Sustainability

La Cooperativa Agraria de Pangoa is a farmer cooperative in the central Amazon of Peru whose members produce high-quality cocoa, coffee and other products for export markets. Premium prices fetched from global specialty markets have allowed Pangoa's farmers to make investments in their community, directly improving the quality of life for more than 600 families. 

Pangoa's members and managers are committed to both social and environmental sustainability. The organization provides training to its members and educational support for their children, including an on-site school and loans for higher education. Pangoa also finances programs to increase the incomes of its female members. To protect the environment, the cooperative teaches farmers how to produce high-quality coffee and cocoa while minimizing use of chemicals and maintaining the delicate Amazonian ecosystem. In this video, learn how Root Capital has enabled Pangoa to expand production and increase their social and environmental impact.