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Root Capital & Pangoa: Peace and Prosperity

La Cooperativa Agraria de Pangoa is a farmer cooperative in the central Amazon region of Peru.   During the late 1980's, Pangoa was an epicenter of violence between Maoist guerillas of the Shining Path and the Peruvian Government. "There was social violence that hit Pangoa Valley, we lived through those times. We had no shelter, we had to stay here, we banded together to resist terrorism," says Esperanza Dionisio, the longtime leader of Pangoa.

The cooperative now has more than 600 members who produce high-quality cocoa, coffee and other products for export markets. While the region is peaceful today, it is near major coca-producing areas of Peru. In this video, learn how Pangoa's success has helped encourage farmers to grow coffee and prevented the planting of illegal crops like coca.