Impact Dashboard

Impact Dashboard

Root Capital's Performance

Root Capital, a nonprofit social investment fund, grows rural prosperity by investing in agricultural small and growing businesses. Root Capital measures its performance by the strength and reach of its portfolio and the social and environmental impact of our investments.

$1.2 Billion

Loan Disbursements 1


Household Members Reached 1


Number of Loans 1


Borrowers 1


Four Quarter Rolling Disbursements 2


Outstanding Balance 3

Strengthening Small and Growing Businesses

Through our Lending program and Financial Advisory Services, Root Capital strengthens rural small and growing businesses.


Enterprise Revenue 1


Small & Growing Businesses Trained 4

Creating Social and Environmental Impact

As a nonprofit committed to alleviating rural poverty, Root Capital seeks to maximize the positive economic, social and environmental impact of our work.

Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods

Root Capital helps to build sustainable livelihoods by connecting rural businesses with buyers that will pay a premium for sustainably-produced products.


Payments to producers 1

1 Million

Producers reached directly 1


Producers reached indirectly 5


Household members reached 1

Gender Inclusion and Environment

Root Capital’s lending to rural businesses is designed to make a positive social and environmental impact on communities and ecosystems.


Female farmers 5


Hectares under sustainable cultivation 1

Catalyzing a Capital Market

We envision a thriving financial market serving agricultural businesses that generate long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability for small-scale farmers and their communities around the world.