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4 facts that motivate us


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We’ll admit it: we love a good challenge. Nothing fuels our work more than knowing we can lean into the challenges of today to create a more peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable future.

Climate change. Youth unemployment. Food insecurity. These are the wickedest of issues, and yet we know that when creativity, capital, and technology are available to those who need it most, prosperity and peace can follow. We refuse to let these challenges get us down. Instead, we embrace them as a source of inspiration.

Here, we share four stunning facts that are motivating us to work faster, smarter, and harder as we take on the new year ahead. 

 — The Root Capital Team


FACT: According to The Climate Institute, the amount of land suitable for coffee production worldwide could be cut in half by 2050.

Noe Portillo, CAPUCAS, Honduras


Our coffee clients — cooperatives and businesses that source from hundreds, sometimes thousands of vulnerable coffee-producing families — are finding ways to turn one of the largest agricultural crises in recent history into an opportunity to invest in the future.

Read more on our blog.



FACT: Smallholder farmers and their families produce nearly 70 percent of all food consumed worldwide, but represent the majority of the poorest and hungriest people on earth.

How much do you know about the world's food security challenges?


How much do you know about the world's food security challenges? Take this quiz from The Guardian to test your knowledge, and learn more about the near-daily reality of food insecurity faced by so many of the world’s 500 million farming families.

Take the quiz.



FACT: The outbreak of a coffee disease called coffee leaf rust has cost Latin America nearly 400,000 coffee sector jobs and nearly $500 million in revenue. 

Idelfo Anderson Mijahuanca, Chirinos C.A.C., Peru


With the closing of 2016, we celebrated the two-year anniversary of our Coffee Farmer Resilience Initiative.

Take a look at what we've accomplished together and check out a few of our favorite photos from the initiative, taken over the past two years!

View the photo album.



FACT: According to the World Bank, an average of about 250,000 people worldwide graduate from extreme poverty every day.

Janet Karea Mutuura, Sorghum Pioneer Agencies, Kenya


When agricultural businesses grow, they become engines of impact in their communities.

This sorghum business in Kenya, for example, is raising incomes for thousands of farmers like Janet Karea Mutuura.

Read Janet's story.




 Together, we can meet these challenges. 

Here's to continuing onward in 2017.


Join us in creating a more peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable planet.


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