Career opportunities

Root Capital is a dynamic, fast-growing leader in impact investing. Root Capital offers team members opportunities to apply their talents and passion to grow rural prosperity.

To apply for a position with Root Capital, please follow the instructions detailed in the job postings. Currently we have no available Internship/Fellowship positions.



  • Financial Management Trainer of Coffee Cooperatives, Aceh This consultant will be responsible for the effective and engaging provision of specialized training for coffee cooperatives in Aceh, Indonesia. The trainer will develop and deliver group workshops in addition to customized, business-level training for cooperative staff in topics such as financial management and accounting (e.g., cash flow analysis, improved accounting practices). Root Capital has been lending to coffee cooperatives in Aceh since 2006, disbursing over $10M in financing to 15 businesses during that time. Whereas this position will be the first focused on Financial Management training in Indonesia, the consultant will draw on a global library of methodological and content resources developed over the last decade + of Root Capital’s financial management training program in other global geographies.
    Nov 06, 2017

US - Cambridge Headquarters

  • IT Support Associate This position will provide first-line technical support for the Cambridge office, working to administer and optimize use of cloud-based systems including Google Apps, Box and OneLogin. This position will play a key role in general system maintenance and user support and training, and act as the primary IT support person for our global headquarters.
    Nov 06, 2017
  • Senior Analyst The Senior Analyst will make use of various techniques and tools to quantify the credit risk profile and make recommendations to lending and risk management to manage the portfolio within Root Capital’s and Root Capital Partners’ risk appetite. In this capacity and in coordination with regional teams s/he will coordinate the development and management of new risk rating methodologies and act as a resource for users of risk rating and financial spreading tools. Additionally, the Senior Analyst will work closely with our Africa lending team in all aspects of the lending process to ensure quality of underwriting, deal flow, and quality/timeliness of monitoring for our Lending for African Farming Company (LAFCo) clients. Additionally, s/he will support the development of LAFCo strategy, Board reports and presentations.
    Oct 19, 2017
  • Institutional Relations Senior Associate The Institutional Relations Senior Associate will work with the Manager of Institutional Partnerships and members of the executive team to steward institutional - foundations, corporations, public sector - funder relationships, identify and cultivate prospective partners, and lead on proposal development.
    Sep 26, 2017
  • Data Platform and Mobile Services Fellow Root Capital is looking for a motivated, strategic, and analytical Root Fellow to work closely with the Advisory Services Global Management Team during the months of September-December 2017 on a high-priority initiative. The Fellow will assess the opportunity for Root Capital to scale up its growth and impact via a Data Stewardship role – e.g., the creation of a data-brokering platform containing enterprise-level and / or farmer-level data, for use by agricultural businesses, Root Capital’s Lending team, buyers, third-party providers of financial, TA, and other services. The Fellow will conduct external interviews with Root Capital clients and industry players to determine the value in a potential new Data Platform service and better define it. The Fellow will also complete a landscape mapping of other relevant players in this space which will inform an executive-level decision about the path forward regarding enterprise and farmer data management at Root Capital.
    Sep 15, 2017


  • Credit Analyst, Senegal The Credit/Financial Analyst supports the growth and quality of Root Capital’s credit portfolio in West Africa by conducting financial and credit analysis of loan applications from rural small and medium enterprises (SMEs). S/he will also monitor the quality of outstanding loans. This position will work closely with the Portfolio Manager for Francophone countries in West Africa. This position is based in Dakar, Senegal, with travel to other West African countries.
    May 09, 2017

Latin America

  • Content Developer El/la Content Developer desarrollará contenido de mercadeo para nuestros clientes actuales y potenciales, desde videos que celebren el perfil de un cliente hasta infografías y blogs educacionales, que se divulgarán a través de diferentes plataformas. La persona que decida unirse a nuestra misión tendrá la responsabilidad de establecer una comunicación personalizada para nuestra audiencia, que incluye líderes inspiradores de negocios agrícolas en comunidades rurales de África, América Latina e Indonesia. El/la Content Developer tendrá como objetivo final conectar a cientos de negocios rurales con productos y servicios financieros que les brinden las herramientas para prosperar y de ésta manera contribuir a un sistema alimentario sostenible y justo.
    Sep 28, 2017